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1/5/2013: AusReprints is ten! The first static web pages went live late April 2003, before the site was converted to a database in December 2003.

28/4/2013: H. John Edwards/Action Comics publications have now been grouped, with a brief historical introduction.

20/7/2011: Some secrets of Ayers & James uncovered. What does it have to do with Magazine Management and other publishers?

9/4/2011: Atlas Publications promoted to the main menu, with the majority of its comics output now listed.

14/10/2010: Larry Cleland, Australia's Fawcett partner, now has its own menu item.

26/8/2010: Frew Publications elevated to the top level of the menu with its own colour scheme.

27/6/2010: Quick search updated to display international titles and show single issues. Give it a try with Superman 1.

20/6/2010: AusReprints now has distinctive styling for major publishers, including KG Murray, Federal, Gredown, Horwitz and Yaffa/Page.

8/6/2010: 4000th Murray/Federal cover added — one of Murrays side line of Hanna-Barbera reprints, Yogi Bear 6, from a Dell original.

24/4/2010: Feature: Uncovering secrets of KGM's anonymous 1970s Spanish reprint, The Vroom.

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Alone in Love (Horwitz, 1957 series), 1957?

New covers
Completed issues
—New page scans: At Long Last… Love, p.1
—New page scans: The Loves of Karen Ames!, p.1
—New page scans: When Will I Marry?, p.1
—New page scans: My Heart Stood Still, p.1
—New page scans: All the Things You Are.., p.1

Heart Throbs (Quality, 1949 series) #14, September 1952

—New page scans: On The Rebound, p.1

On the Rebound (Horwitz, 1955 series), 1955?

New covers
Completed issues
—New page scans: On the Rebound, p.1
—New page scans: Dreams Can Come True!, p.1
—New page scans: Sorry--But I'm in Love…, p.1

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Secret Loves (Colour Comics, 1952 series) #1, February 1952

New covers
—New page scans: Bridge of Longing, p.1
—New page scans: Pitfall of Kisses, p.1
—New page scans: Portrait of Love, p.1
—New page scans: Scott Brady, p.1
—New page scans: Bob Stack, p.1

 Advertisement: 'Australian House and Garden [A house you can really build yourself]'

New advertisements

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Best of the West (Magman, 1970 series) #3, 1975?

New covers

Super Adventure Comic (Colour Comics, 1950 series) #105, March 1959?

Completed issues

Weird Mystery Tales (Murray, 1977 series) #35, June 1978?

New covers

Monday, 8 September 2014

Daredevil Action Comic (Magman, 1964 series) #1, 1964?

New covers

Superman (Colour Comics, 1950 series) #90, February 1955?

New covers

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Jungle Jim (Yaffa/Page, 1980 series) #1, 1980?

—New page scans: Reptile God of Lost Island, p.1

Superboy (Colour Comics, 1950 series) #78, August 1955?

New covers

Superman (KGM, 1950 series) #37, June 1950?

New covers

Superman (Colour Comics, 1950 series) #45, February 1951?

New covers

Superman (Colour Comics, 1950 series) #84, August 1954

New covers
Completed issues

Superman (Colour Comics, 1950 series) #85, September 1954

New covers

Superman (Colour Comics, 1950 series) #94, January 1958

New covers

Superman (Colour Comics, 1950 series) #129, April 1958?

New issues
New covers

Superman Color Comics (Colour Comics, 1949 series) #33, February 1950?

New covers

The Brave and the Bold (Colour Comics, 1956 series) #1, February 1956?

New covers
Completed issues

The Brave and the Bold (Colour Comics, 1956 series) #2, March 1956

New covers
Completed issues